November 2019 – Mr Phil Batten – NSW Police (Ret)

Mr Phil BATTIN – Chief Inspector (Retired)
New South Wales Police Force – 
Retired after 36 years of service.

Phil served 3 years in General Duties first stationed at Blacktown in 1982. From 1985 to 1997 Phil then performed Highway Patrol duties at Penrith, Blacktown and Springwood. From 1997 to 2011 Phil undertook further legal studies and became a Police Prosecutor.

Phil, as a legal advocate in the Local Court took to this duty like ‘a fish to water’. Phil advanced through the supervision ranks of Sergeant and Senior Sergeant as a Police Prosecutor, holding the position of ‘Area Prosecutions Coordinator’ from 2004 until his promotion to commissioned rank in 2011.

In Phil’s time as the ‘Area Prosecutions Coordinator’ at the Penrith complex, it serviced 5 Local Area Commands (now called ‘Police Area Commands’), processing, at its peak for a 4 year period, 7.000 criminal prosecutions per month for 5 Magistrates.

The Downing Centre, the so called ‘busiest court in the state’ processed 7.200 criminal prosecutions per month for 16 Magistrates. In 2011 Phil took promotion to the rank of Inspector at the Hawkesbury Local Area Command.

Phil remained there until witnessing the murder of his friend and colleague, Inspector Bryson ANDERSON in December 2012. Upon medical advice Phil left operational policing after this critical incident and took on numerous managerial positions, returning to the Prosecutions Command and later the Traffic Command.

Phil finished his career as the Manager of the Education and Training Command’s Probationary Constable Development Unit. In this position, Phil wrote and developed the criminal law curriculum for probationary constables in their second year of study in the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP), the qualification all members of the Police Force must hold to be confirmed as a member of the Police Force.

Phil retired from the New South Wales Police Force on the 26th July 2018 at the rank of Chief Inspector.

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