August 2021 – Stephen Caswell/Michael Pagg – Great Western Highway Duplication

TRANSPORT FOR NSW is now investigating the feasibility of combining tunnels under Blackheath and Mt Victoria into one 11KM Tunnel from Evans Lookout Road to Little Hartley.  Residents have asked the NSW government to extend that to a 19km tunnel    from Katoomba to Little Hartley, bypassing Medlow Bath as well.

The Guest Speakers are Stephen Caswell, President of Medlow Bath Action Group and Michael Paag – Secretary, Blackheath Area Community Alliance who will explain what they see as the advantages of this extension as well as detailing the history of the proposal.  The advantages they intend to discuss are: 
1. An improvement of the flow of through traffic travelling between the Central West and the Sydney Basin.
2. Prevention of the significant detrimental impact of a four-lane highway through Medlow Bath
3. Provision of a much-needed alternative emergency access road for the Upper Mountains.
4. Freeing the present highway for development as a tourist drive between Katoomba and Hartley to the benefit of all the Upper Mountains villages.

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