June 2021 – COL D.W. McCammon, DSM and Bar

Colonel David McCammon was born and educated in Melbourne. He was selected to attend OCS (NZ) in 1997, into the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and initially served as a platoon commander in the 5th/7th Battalion (Mechanised), The Royal Australian Regiment (5/7RAR).

His Regimental experience includes commanding both a Rifle and Recon Platoon in 5/7RAR (Mech) deploying with the Battalion to INTERFET, East Timor in 1999. Service with the British Army, (The Staffordshire Regiment, an Armoured Infantry Battalion), serving as a Company 2IC, OC Mortar platoon, and deploying to Kosovo as the OC of the Brigade Surveillance Platoon in 2001. Command of a Rifle Company in 7RAR in 2008 deploying to Afghanistan as the commander of Australia’s first Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (OMLT) from Sep 2008-Jul 2009, and as the OPSO of 7 RAR. In 2015-2016 COL McCammon was fortunate enough to be selected to Command 7RAR which included deploying elements of the Battalion to Iraq as part of Task Group Taji.

COL McCammon’s staff experience includes postings to Headquarters Training Command (HQTC-A) where he served as the Staff Officer to the Chief of Staff, Combat Training Centre (CTC-L) where he served both within the Operations Cell and as an Observer Trainer and Army Headquarters and as Aide de Camp to the Chief of Army. He served as the Brigade Major of the Army’s 1st Brigade taking part in Hamel in 2011 and 2012, and briefly with CTU in Afghanistan in 2012. COL McCammon has had Divisional experience after being employed as SO1-Future Ops Plans as part of the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Division (Regional Command South) in Afghanistan for 11 months in 2012-2013. More senior appointments in Army Headquarters include SO1 Combat in Future Force Development, Army Headquarters and a secondment to the Force Structure Review Team in 2014, working as part of the Department’s team that delivered the 2016 Defence White Paper. His most recent appointments have been in Army career management where he was the senior career adviser and then Director of Soldier Career management for Army. He is currently Commandant Combined Arms Training Centre.

COL McCammon completed Australian Command and Staff College (ACSC) in 2010, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master of Arts in International Relations, a Graduate Diploma of Strategy in Defence Studies and is a graduate of the Centre for Defence research Apollo course on Future War Analysis. In the last quarter of 2013 COL McCammon took an extended period of leave and worked as a National Security Fellow at the McCain Institute in Washington DC where he focused of international foreign policy.

His awards include Commander Australian Theatre Commendation for service in East Timor, Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) for Leadership in Action in Afghanistan, A Bar to the DSM for distinguished leadership as Commanding officer in Iraq, The US Army Commendation medal for support of US Army Police Mentoring teams in the Chora Valley Afghanistan, and the US Army Bronze Star for service while deployed with the US Army 3RD Division in Afghanistan.

Australia Day – 2020

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Australia Day 2020

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