Feb 2019 – Liz Benson talks about Wattles

This month we again welcome Liz as she speaks to us about the Wattle

Liz Benson, of Lawson, is an extraordinary lady when it comes to imparting information about native birds that inhabit the Blue Mountains. In addition to being an expert on the birds of the Blue Mountains, Liz is also a knowledgeable expert and lover of the flora of the Blue Mountains.
As a founding member of Central Blue Mountains Garden Club and the Blue Mountains Bird Observers Club, her knowledge of the local flora and bird population and those that fly in from overseas is outstanding.
Initially, Liz worked as a high school science teacher, then with National Parks and Wildlife and Royal Botanic Gardens. Liz says the Blue Mountains region is a bird spotter’s paradise, not mention the magnificent trees, wild flowers and other flora that are enjoyed by the birds and animals throughout the mountains

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